A polyurethane pond sealer ideal for fish ponds, water features, planter boxes and water troughs. Advantages. Non-toxic - fish and plant friendly. Flexible, seamless and durable. Suitable for permanent immersion in water. Ready to use and easy to apply. Single component solution so there is no measuring or mixing - simply brush on.

Paint & Adhesives — Cape Hardware

Primer & Sealer Cape Hardware. ... 1L Durapond Polyurethane Pond Sealer For fish ponds, water features and water tanks Fish friendly Easy to apply Flexible. ... 163 Voortrekker Road Goodwood Cape Town Contact Details Tel: 021 202 7583, Email: [email protected] . Trading Hours Monday ...

Cemcrete Sealers

WHY USE A SEALER? Protecting cement finishes with a good quality Cemcrete sealer is crucial and not only makes the surface easier to clean, it offers other benefits as well, such as enriching the colour intensity of the overlay, blocking the penetration of stains, …

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Sealing & Bonding Products | Products | FG Trading (Pty) Ltd

Sealing & Bonding Products. For reliable and sustainable sealing and bonding of windows, facades and interiors, we supply an extensive range of top quality sealing and bonding solutions. Our sealing and bonding range comprises sealants, adhesives, tapes and membranes for various specialist applications including structural glazing, insulated ...

Megabond premium waterproofing product range

2019-2-5 · Megabond specialises in providing liquid solution for waterproofing and dampness problems. With our tailed range of products, fixing that leak are made easy and effective... rst time. Megabond Proof, Waterblock, Flexibond, Pool&Pond is all your …


The Euro Rubber® coating adheres to almost every surface like concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC and zinc. This allows the product to be used in many different situations when it comes to waterproofing or air barriers. The environmentally friendly products are non-toxic and free of VOC''s and friendly for the end-user.

Hydroflex | Waterproofing Centre

2017-1-18 · Apply the product with a painter''s block brush or quality. mohair roller - can be spray applied. Apply two coats of Hydroflex, waiting for the first coat to. set-up before applying the second, so as not to draw off the. first; between 4 - 24 hours is suitable. Each coat should be applied at …

Welcome To Wonda Seal

2018-5-11 · WondaSeal Brick Sealer is an easy to apply, water-based acrylic sealer. It is a non-toxic, weather resistant and water repelling sealant. This product is ready to use for both interior and exterior applications. It will not flake, peel or crack under normal usage. Now with Acro-H™ Technology to speed up the drying time….

Pond Liner, South Africa. Call 0860-666-988 for Quote

2015-11-30 · Pond liner is by far the best choice for most ponds where you want to create something unique and to suit your garden design. Just make sure you work out the size you need without making a mistake. Even though you can easily use pond liner to make any shape of pond it is always best to stick with designs that are not too elaborate.

Ultraviolet UV

Ultraviolet UV. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light at sufficiently short wavelength (254nm - 264nm) to kill microorganisms. UV-C radiation attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria directly. The bacteria lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed.

Aquarium Depot | Distributors of premium aquarium …

Aquarium Depot wholesales a wide range of imported aquarium products to retailers across South Africa. Marine hardware and related dry goods are our specialty …

POND LINERS – Tata Ma Tarps and Linings

Pond Liners. Tata Ma Tarps and Linings offer the same quality and strength liners for small and large ponds as we do for huge commercial type dams found on farms and mines. Our plastic pond liners are all manufactured from nylon reinforced PVC that are …

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2020-4-6 · contact information. Cape Town 4D Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa + 27 21 552 6132 + 27 21 552 7290 [email protected]; Pretoria 141 Fusi Street, Silverton, Silvertondale, Pretoria, South Africa; 021 552 6132 021 552 7290 [email protected]

Poxycote | Epoxy pool coatings

PoxyCote 4CS Is a two-component resin-based epoxy coating specially formulated for the lining of swimming pools with either marbelite, cement, or fiberglass surfaces. Once cured, PoxyCote 4CS forms an extremely durable and chemical resistant coating with a typical lifespan of 5 to 10 years.

Vinoseal | Waterproofing | DIY Products | Alcolin

Adheres to a wide variety of building surfaces. White ALCOLIN VINOSEAL can be tinted to make other colours by using universal tints. ALCOLIN VINOSEAL is ideal for the maintenance and waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs, garden ponds,etc. When used with a membrane, ALCOLIN VINOSEAL will waterproof cracks and joints. Good Adhesion.

Sika South Africa | Construction Chemicals | Discover Sika

2021-6-9 · Sika is a specialty chemicals company which produces products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building and automotive sectors.


Coprox waterproofing solutions were pioneered in 1949 to the highest international standards. With over 70 years of experience, we''ve been able to build on our original great product with several variations. But some things like our durability, cost-effectiveness, quality and …

BULLDOGSEAL Waterproofing

BULLDOGSEAL Waterproofing is a Highly Effective Waterproofing compound that contains Special Fibres to ensure bridging properties Without use of re-enforcing membranes. The binder in BULLDOGSEAL is a Highly Flexible Acrylic compound that has been proven for its Weather and Water resistance for up to 10 years. Click to see more.


Aqua Ponds was established in 2016 by a team of motivated koi lovers. Because we love our koi dearly, we decided to open a one stop destination for all thing''s koi, from koi health to filtration systems and quality Japanese koi. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your koi pond better.

Rubber Sealant | #1 Waterproofing Solution | Store

Your #1 waterproofing solution for cement dams, water channels, animal drinking troughs, watering holes for animals, golf course water holes, farm dams, evaporation dams, irrigation dams, fertilizer dams, water reservoirs, water features, decorative ponds, water features at recreational parks, fish ponds, spawning ponds, sewerage ponds, purification ponds, sewerage channels, dipping tanks ...

Silicones,Sealants,Adhesives | a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals

a.b.e. ® Construction Chemicals'' range of applied sealants is based on modified bitumens, tars, acrylics, silicones, modified epoxies, polysulphides and polyurethanes, with a.b.e. ® currently the leading distributor of PVC, rubber and hydrophilic waterstops. Examples of typical applications are sealing of joints in road surfaces, runways and airport hangars, sealing of construction joints ...


The Euro Rubber® coating adheres to almost every surface like concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC and zinc. This allows the product to be used in many different situations when it comes to waterproofing or air barriers. The environmentally …

Dalven Products

2019-6-24 · We operate from our company owned premises based in Maitland, Cape Town and Stormill, Johannesburg. From these locations we serve the entire South African and Southern African region. In addition, we export to distant countries as necessary.

Welcome To Uro chem

Welcome To Uro chem. We provide a wide range of products and services to our customers and in so doing we achieve greater customer satisfaction. We provide additional products like polyurethane elastomers, various foam systems, high performance castable products as well as rubber and bitumen based waterproofing systems.


 · Roof and Pond Sealer is a water-based, fire retardant, waterproofing and an elastomeric sealant. This product is ready for application and is used to line electric cables and water pipes. It is also used to fill and seal cracks and joints in both metal and concrete surfaces, which ultimately prevents water penetration. When the product is cured, it forms a tough, highly durable, flexible seal ...

Cement Dams and Fish Ponds | BULLDOGSEAL

The use of BULLDOGSEAL in the waterproofing of cement dams and fish ponds . Mnr. Manie Wilken from the company Vallei Voorsieners in De Doorns, waterproofed a wide variety of Cement farm dams and fish ponds between 2007 and 2010 using BULLDOGSEAL. We went to speak to Manie and he shared the following with us.

Power Plastics Industrial Dam Liners

Dam liners are a simple way to provide waterproofing of dams and ponds where the soil type is not ideal for water storage, providing the waterproofing essential for a viable dam. Power Plastics'' dam liners are ideal where the technical skills exist and the only …

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Synthetic resins are a group of polymers used in high-performance plastics, adhesives, waterproofers, binders, paints like acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, polyester, and silicone, as well as melamine, phenol, resorcinol and urea-formaldehyde resins (UF). Acrylic resin (polymethyl methacrylate) is the synthetic resin in acrylic paints, sealants ...

Waterproofing • abe

a.b.e. ® Construction Chemicals'' range of waterproofing products and systems include specialised bituminous sheets, liquids, putties, cementitious based products and silanes. Bituminous sheet products are used to waterproof flat roofs, basement walls and to line earth dams and canals. Liquid systems and putties including acrylics, solvent-based bitumens and water-based rubberized acrylic ...


2021-9-30 · Roof & Pond Sealer is a flexible waterproofing product of exceptional quality and durability. A general water-proofer used in conjunction with polyester membrane for parapets, flashings and flat roofs with an acceptable "run-off". CLEANING. Clean all tools …

Cemcrete Sealers

Protecting cement finishes with a good quality Cemcrete sealer is crucial and not only makes the surface easier to clean, it offers other benefits as well, such as enriching the colour intensity of the overlay, blocking the penetration of stains, and improving water repellency and abrasion resistance. .

Pond Filters

Gravity Feed Bio Filter. R 4,479.00 Add to cart. Sale! Submersible Bio-Filter, Pump and UV Filter. R 4,452.00 R 4,050.00 Add to cart. Sale!

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